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Beri Balistreri

"Let's make it beautiful."

Beri is the author of the domestic suspense novel, Woman Murdered, a tale about the darker side of human nature, and why it can be so hard to connect with each other, especially for women. The story, about an autistic boy, his mom, and the lives of the people they meet after moving to Steinbeck Country on the Monterey Coast of California. Beri is a former Washington DC intern who worked for Welt International Publishing (Leo G.B. Welt) on African Business & Trade Journal; East West Trade Digest; and, Latin American Index. As a graduate student she studied film and screen-writing under dean August Coppola (Yep! Nicholas Cage's dad) at San Francisco State where she earned an MA in Broadcasting and Electronic Communications, after which she went to work for A.C. Nielsen Research and later, The California Coastal Commission. During her career she volunteered her services for non-profits, including Vietnam Vets for Peace and Camp Okizu for kids with cancer. In 2012 she received her Master's in Social Work (MSW) from USC. She is a certified domestic violence counselor and former child and family therapist at The Village Project in Seaside, California. She works as a medical social worker in home health and hospice. In December 2017, her original play, Christmas Ghosts of 1944, about a lonely veteran and his caregivers, was produced by The Forest Theater Guild, Carmel-By-The-Sea, California and Marina Sings. All proceeds benefited a Marina food pantry. She lives in Carmel-By-The-Sea with her thirteen-year-old dogs, Twinkle and Kairi.   




She studied a lot

Master of Arts, San Francisco State University
• Film 355—Film Writing 
• Film 380—Film Production 
• Film 472—Film Theory & Criticism
• BCA 104—Video Production Laboratory
• BCA 140—Video Production
• BCA 103—Audio Production Laboratory
• BCA 130—Audio Production 
• BCA 340—Aesthetics of Broadcasting Communication Arts
• BCA 700—Introduction to Graduate Studies
• BCA 701—Formula & Creativity in the Public Arts
• BCA 702—Ethics & Responsibility in Broadcasting
• BCA 740—Seminars in Experimental Production
• BCA 760—Seminars in Broadcast News
• BCA 770—Broadcasting Writing & Performance
• BCA 897—Research Projects in Broadcast Communication

Master of Social Work, University of Southern California
• SOWK 503—Human Behavior I 
• SOWK 504—Human Behavior II 
• SOWK 534—Policy and Practice 
• SOWK 535—Social Welfare
• SOWK 543—Social Work Practice With Individuals
• SOWK 545—Social Work Practice with Families 
• SOWK 562—Social Work Research
• SOWK 586A—Field Practicum I (Safe Place)
• SOWK 586B—Field Practicum I (Safe Place)
• SOWK 587A—Integrative Learning for Social Work I
• SOWK 587B—Integrative Learning for Social Work II
• SOWK 611—Leadership in the Social Work Profession 
• SOWK 629—Evaluation of Research: Planning & Administration
• SOWK 639—Social Policy for Managers, Planners 
• SOWK 640—Clinical Practice with Military Families
• SOWK 648—Management for Community Organizations 
• SOWK 665—Program Development and Grant Writing 
• SOWK 666—Domestic Violence
• SOWK 686A—Field Practicum II (The Village Project)
• SOWK 686B—Field Practicum II (The Village Project)

Bachelor of Arts, Westmont College
Political Science
• PolSc 1—Government in the US
• PolSc 4—Intro to International Politics
• PolSc 6—International Relations
• PolSc 7A—Citizen & The Law I
• PolSc 7B—Citizen & The Law II
• PolSc 11—The Presidency
• PolSc 99—Independent Study
• PolSc 131—Communism: Theory & Practice
• PolSc 194—Political Theory

International Studies
• Washington DC Semester, American University
• IntSt 491—International Studies: Foreign Policy
• IntSt 492—International Studies: Foreign Policy
• IntSt 494—International Studies: Foreign Policy
• (Internship at African Business & Trade Journal, East/West Trade Digest, & Latin American Index)

• Hist 2B—History of the US from 1877
• Hist 5—20th Century America
• Hist 17—Jewish History & Culture

Interdisciplinary Studies
• IS 1—Perspectives on Civilization
• IS 2—Perspectives on Civilization
• IS 85—Christian Perspectives On Learning
• IS 191—Urban Practicum (UCSF, Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Hospital)
• IS 195—Urban Studies (San Francisco)
• IS 194—Public Opinion Survey: Election of Prime Minister Papandreou 
(Athens Greece)

• French 001   
• Greek 250    
• Greek 251      
• Spanish 1A   
• Spanish 1B  

• Engl 1—Composition & Reading
• Engl 2—Composition & Literature
• Eng 51—Fiction
• Engl 231—Creative Writing

General Education
• Anth 1—Anthropology: Intro to Physical Anthro.
• Biol 3—Biology: Human Anatomy
• Geol 10—Geology: Introduction to Geology
• Phil 210—Philosophy: Ethics
• Psych 12—Psychology: Human Sexuality
• RelSt 1—Life & Lit of the Old Testament
• RelSt 103—Christianity & Existentialism
• Art 15A—Drawing
• Art 3030—Twentieth Century Art
• Music 20A—Voice
• Dance 50A—Ballet
• PE 1—Ice Skating
• PE 2007—Swimming
• PFIT 22A—Swimming

Drama & Theater
• Drama 27A—Musical Comedy
• Drama 27B—Musical Comedy
• Thea 40—Play Production - Comedy
• Thea 49—Summer Musical Company
• Thea 57—Touring Theater
• Thea 62—Experience in Theater/Dramatic
• Thea 63 —Experience in Theater/Classical
• Thea 77—Acting Workshop/Musical

some courses taken at:
    • California State University East Bay
    • City College of San Francisco
    • College Of Alameda
    • Monterey Peninsula College
    • San Francisco State University